Trend has changed and so are our tastes. We are not your regular henna artist.

We take henna art to a whole new level.​

15 years of experience, over 1000 clients hennaed, excellent google reviews and over 200 henna students taught worldwide.
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"Free Crown Henna in Dubai for Cancer Patients"
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"Sara makes a difference in people's lives"
"Contemporary Henna Artist In Dubai That You Need To Know About"
"Dubai's Henna Master - Sara" - Basenotes Canadian Magazine
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Choose Henna Type

We offer 100% Organic Henna, Organic Jagua Henna, White Henna, Silver & Gold Glitter Henna.

Choose Location

You can visit our location in (Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai) or we come to your home, office or hotel.

Henna Prices

- Individual design starts from AED 50 upwards.​

- Unlimited henna AED 400 per hour (all henna types included for any number of people)​

Creative Henna Types to Choose

Only at Dubai Henna by Sara
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Organic Henna

Organic henna is freshly made from supreme quality henna leaves, water and USDA certified essential oils.

Color: Reddish-brown
Duration: Lasts 7-14 days

Jagua Henna

UAE’s first-ever realistic temporary tattoo called Leinka is made from an Organic Fruit (Genipa Americana), founded by Dubai Henna by Sara.

Color: Black to dark blue
Duration: Lasts 7-21 days

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Made from World’s No.1 Body art grade adhesive used by Hollywood make-up artists. Does not stain your skin, it is waterproof with long lasting 3D effect.

Color: White
Duration: Lasts 2-5 days


Extremely creative blend of Glimmer, Glitter and Luxury. Made from World’s No.1 Body art grade adhesive and body glitter.

Color: Gold, Silver & Metallic
Duration: Lasts 2-5 days

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