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About Us

Sara is crowned as the First-Ever Internationally Certified Henna Artist in the Middle East.

She has been working as a professional henna artist for more than 15 years providing beautiful, traditional and contemporary natural body art designs around the world.

Being a Member of ICNHA, her dedication and research towards the usage of safe and natural ingredients has led to the overwhelming popularity of her authentic brand “Dubai Henna by Sara”.

Dubai Henna by Sara provides an array of products and services across different countries serving the world of natural body art and beauty.

Our Products

A one stop shop for all your body art needs. We never compromise on customers’ safety & quality, hence our products are renowned to be the best in the market. Our customers are retailers, wholesalers, salons, professional henna artists and every individual who loves body art around the world.

Our Henna Services

We travel around the world to treat your guests to a memorable time with natural body art.

We offer henna services for all types of events! Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, festivals, private appointments – we are happy to work with you to make any event special.

Our Henna Academy

Are you interested to learn the art of henna from the market leader who has taught a number of International students. Our Henna Academies are located in Dubai, UAE and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Enroll now to become a Dubai Henna Certified Henna Artist.

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