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Dubai has a history of having a plethora of beauty rituals and traditions dating back centuries. It stems from the knowledge of early forms of cosmetics; fragrant perfumes to essential oils.
The beautiful and intricate body art form of henna created using herbal dyes can be one of the most significant amongst them.

What is Henna?

Henna is a plant-based dye created from the henna tree. The leaves of the henna plant contain a natural coloring pigment that is used
for temporary body art, coloring hair, dye skin, fingernails as well as fabrics such as leather, wool, and silk.

The whole henna leaves will not stain your skin. Thus, the henna leaves are dried into powder form
and then made into a paste, which is then applied using a pointed cone.

Henna artwork would commonly cover hands and feet. When left to dry, the dye darkens, turning from a sheer brown outline
to a vivid red-brown after two to three days.

Emirati Women and Henna

UAE Henna is a part of the culture. It was used in a variety of rituals such as weddings and religious celebrations for years.
Emirati women create gorgeous, intricate, and temporary designs on their hands and bodies using Henna.

Henna on Wedding Day

Henna is an important part of an Emirati woman’s wedding preparations. Brides across the Middle East since 800 CE were
encouraged to wear Henna. The Designs are believed to contain
barakah, an unseen flow of positive energy
that is said to ward off all evil spirits and protect the wearer.

The bride’s female relatives and friends host a dedicated ‘henna night’ three days before the big event.
According to tradition, a married elder relative is required to paint the bride in henna artwork as it is believed that the success
of the artist’s own marriage is passed down to the bride-to-be.

At present this is not the case. Professional henna artists are booked and brought to the venue and they provide the service of drawing henna as per the bride’s request. The hands, forearms, feet, and ankles will all be covered with an elaborate kaleidoscope of intricate henna art by these Henna Artists.

The bride with all those who were present at the gathering would have Henna art drawn on them by the end of the night. 

Brides may decide to go Indian or Arabic when it comes to designs today, but will still request the artist to hide the spouse’s initials within the patterns, as dictated by the custom. As the old wife’s tale goes, the color of Mehandi signals how much the bride will be loved in her new household, which explains why the quest for the darkest henna persists.

Henna outside of Weddings

The art of Henna is not restricted to wedding celebrations and henna nights. It is also worn as a celebration of important religious holidays such as Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr) and Eid al-Adha 

Wearing henna on special occasions is the norm but that doesn’t mean u are not allowed to wear henna whenever you please. Henna culture is a whole art form and it is free to be enjoyed by everyone alike.

Getting Henna done as a local or tourist can be an experience not to be missed. The UAE is at the forefront of providing Henna services to locals as well tourists and it is held in high regard. Local schools in Dubai would often have henna painting sessions for events and students are able to show the beautiful temporary tattoos the next day.

Types of Henna

The most commonly known henna is the natural green-brown paste that leaves a stain of orange to a deep red color. Other than that there is black (Jagua) henna, white henna, gold henna, etc.

There are many chemically modified henna types ranging in different colors and effects. And these types are not the smartest choices of henna to be worn since they can have adverse effects on the skin.

It is advised to be cautious on what henna your henna artists use and it is better to go out of your way to find Henna artists who use organic products.

Henna artists are eager to demonstrate the intricacies of their art and the history of a tradition that emerged as a way of celebration.

Where to get Henna in Dubai?

As a Local or Tourist visiting Dubai getting henna done is crucial to complete the experience. While visiting the emirate’s heritage villages, or while embarking on exciting desert safaris, organized by one of Abu Dhabi’s tour operators you can include getting your henna done too.

So looking for a Luxury Henna Experience using ORGANIC henna and also not missing out on any new trends? The best place for you to look at is Dubai Henna by Sara

Being the First-Ever Internationally Certified Henna Artist in the Middle East, Sara has dedicated her research towards the usage of safe and natural ingredients and it has made Dubai Henna one of the biggest names in the henna industry.

Dubai Henna offers all kinds of services, from Bridal, Henna Party, and Prenatal Belly Henna to individual Henna. Their price range depends on the design that you ask for or bring them. This gives you more room to get creative and request whatever kind of stylish body art you want.

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